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Drs. Subervi
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- N-648 Medical Certification for Disability Exception

- Pardon Petition Waivers for Illegal Entrance to USA

- Psychological Evaluations in Both English and Spanish

Tampa FL Psychologist
Family Psychology


Drs. Felix and Milagros Subervi provide psychotherapy and psychological evaluations to children, adolescents, and adults in English or Spanish. Both are Spanish speaking psychologists. Both are child psychologists. Both earned PhDs in clinical psychology with extensive training in child family, individual adult and couples therapy. Both have completed post-doctoral fellowships in child and adolescent psychology from Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Felix was an active duty psychologist for the USAF and served for 20 years. Dr. Milagros worked as a civilian for the USAF. Prior to her private practice, she's had over 30 years of experience with the treatment of alcoholics, drug addicts, domestic violence, perpetrators and their victims, and victims of sexual abuse. Additionally, she served as a supervisor of a community mental health clinic. Dr. Milagros has also been a college professor, teaching undergraduate psychology.

Dr. Felix and Dr. Milagros have extensive experience in the military life dealing with soldiers and their dependents. They now work serving those who have served in the military, and among them, young clients who face war's perennial challenges. Both doctors are natives from Puerto Rico... who understand Hispanic culture. They've lived in Tampa for the past 19 years.

Psychological Testing

  • The Wechsler intelligence test for the pre schooled children, adolescents, and adults; the Wechsler achievement test for children and adults, the Wechsler memory test and personality test are available in English and Spanish languages.
  • Mental Status exam and psychological history for disability, emigration, and parenting are conducted for court and other govenment agencies.
  • Individual, family and couples therapy is also available. We treat children, adolescents, as well as adults with ADHD, depression anxiety, and behavioral problems.
  • TRICARE insurance and cash are accepted as methods of payment.
  • N-648 Medical Certification for Disability Exception forms completed.
  • Pardon Petition Waivers for Illegal Entrance to USA psychological evaluations.